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Names found
Name displayed name shelfmark name form
Wāsiʿ ʿAlīsi <m. 1543-4>       Acc.      Id.
Wachsmuth, Jeremias <1712-1771>       Acc.      Id.
Wagenseil, Cristoforo <1688-1777>       Acc.      Id.
Wagner, Joseph <1706-1786>       Acc.      Id.
Wagner, Mauritius <fl. 1824-1826>       Acc.      Norm.
  Maurizio de Wagner Contarini 5/75.1 c. 5r  
  Mauritius Wagner Contarini 5/75.3 c. 1v  
  Maurizio de Wagner Contarini 5/75.4 c. 1v  
  Maurizio di Wagner Contarini 5/75.7 c. 6v  
  Wagner Contarini 5/83 c. 1r  
Wailly, Armand François Léon : de <1804-1863>       Acc.      Id.
Waizenegger, Ferdinand <c. a. 1580-1634>       Acc.      Id.
Walī Ibn Muṣṭafà <fl. 1556-1557>       Acc.      Norm.
Walad b. Rašīd, Nāṣir <sec. 18.2>       Acc.      Norm.
Walatta Rufā’ēl <sec. 19.>       Acc.      Norm.

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